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  • The home designed to bring you to tears
  • The home designed to bring you to tears
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The home designed to bring you to tears

Though it's most commonly associated with misery, research shows that crying has the ability to reduce stress and even keep people healthy. With this in mind, Japanese architects have introduced Ruikatsu Shien Jutaku – literally translated as 'weeping activity support homes'.



  • Article image Alone together: Japan's new communal living

    Driven by an increasing sense of loneliness, Japan's young singles are moving into shared housing. Yet with so many struggling with social anxiety, how are these micro-communities forming?

  • Article image Singing solo: Japan’s new solitude

    Despite its collectivist traditions, Japan is seeing a rise of individuals who are actively rejecting the company of others - and businesses are adapting accordingly.

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    Scientists in Japan are developing digital posters in the form of kiss-o-grams which allow users to get up close and personal with their idols.

  • Article image The new solitude

    New pressures imposed by the social wave of digital innovation are changing attitudes to solitude, which has been largely neglected as a positive lifestyle choice.