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  • The spelling bee that teaches you a language
  • The spelling bee that teaches you a language
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The spelling bee that teaches you a language

Learning new languages as an adult is notoriously tricky, but with Chrome experiment Spell Up – a voice-controlled game that fits somewhere between a spelling bee and Tetris – Google intends to revolutionise the way people learn, making it quicker and easier in the process.



  • Article image Google Now: the power of context

    Intelligent 'predictive' assistant Google Now is set to irreversibly change the way we interact with the web. Yet, riddled with privacy and ethical concerns, the reality is not so simple.

  • Article image Leap Motion: seamless human-computer interaction

    Computers are an important part of life, but interaction with them remains the same. Leap Motion signals a move towards invisible technology and a future where man and machine work as one.

  • Article image Nike+ Auction: running for rewards

    A new campaign from Nike offers participants the chance to convert the distances they run into tangible rewards.

  • Article image Siri

    Siri, a powerful digital assistant for the iPhone, will be released in the States this summer.