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  • Uber targets the 1% with its new jet service
  • Uber targets the 1% with its new jet service
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Uber targets the 1% with its new jet service

In its never-ending pursuit of making travel easier, taxi startup Uber is offering private jets to the super rich. In a few swipes on their smartphone, people will be able to book an Uber Black car to an airport in Paris, followed by a private jet to the Cannes Film Festival.



  • Article image DriveNow: Germany's convenient car-sharing

    As Millennials increasingly perceive ownership as a burden, car-sharing companies like DriveNow are changing the game. From Dusseldorf to Munich, they’re catering to an ever-growing percentage of young Germans for whom owning a car is no longer a viable or ‘cool’ thing to do.

  • Article image Premium vs luxury: how luxury is fighting back

    With premium threatening to steal its consumer base, luxury is forced to carve out a new space. But with perceptions of value changing rapidly, just how is it going to define itself?

  • Article image Rent it: GM rethink ownership

    General Motors are giving six million drivers the chance to rent out their cars to others, showing how brands can capitalise on a consumer shift from ownership to access.

  • Article image Uber: lessons from dynamic pricing

    When Uber, a private New York taxi service trialled dynamic pricing, some customers were charged over $80 per mile, causing widespread anger.