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  • Brazilian kids learn English from OAPs
  • Brazilian kids learn English from OAPs
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Brazilian kids learn English from OAPs

Learning a language can be expensive, dull and lacking in cultural context, while living in a retirement home can be lonely. But now, a Brazilian language school's 'Speaking Exchange' project is mutually helping kids and grannies from US care homes through one intuitive campaign.



  • Article image Barclays Digital Eagles: getting grandma online

    Around 5.1 million Brits aged over 65 have never been online. Catering to these untapped customers, Barclays has created over 3,500 'Digital Eagles' - specially-trained staff to help them get online and up to speed. But do people want a bank teaching them about the internet?

  • Article image Comfort food: how NANA feeds a growing appetite for community

    Providing employment for older women while offering simple, wholesome food for locals, comfort-food café NANA is part of a growing trend of social enterprises reclaiming community spirit.

  • Article image We Are What We Do: tools to change behaviour

    Environmental change begins with behavioural change, but simply telling people to 'be better' isn't enough.  We Are What We Do's 'incidental change' repositions ethics as a bonus.

  • Article image People of the screen

    'People of the screen' discusses the implications of video replacing text as the dominant form of communication over the coming decade.