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  • QR codes get a makeover in China
  • QR codes get a makeover in China
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QR codes get a makeover in China

Despite mockery from the West, people actually use QR Codes in China. Between 2012 and 2013, usage increased by four times – for everything from corporate marketing to personal bank transfers. And now, one Israel-based company is allowing people to personalise their own.



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    How do you beat skyrocketing retail rent alongside competition from established brands? For emerging designers, a Hong-Kong based app that encourages people to shop around may hold the key.

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    A new market for smart baby monitoring systems combines a thirst for data with a growing hyperawareness of health. But can a constant stream of information truly reassure anxious parents?

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    Homeplus virtual subway stores create new retail opportunities in the heart of South Korea's rush hour – and they are proving a hit with time-poor commuters.

  • Article image SnapTags

    SnapTags are an easy to use alternative to the QR code, and turn brand logos into interactive hotspots that provide product information without requiring software downloads.