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  • Look Up: unplugging from social media
  • Look Up: unplugging from social media
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Look Up: unplugging from social media

In an emotionally charged video, British filmmaker Gary Turk urges people to unplug from smartphones and social media. The five-minute spoken word raises questions about how much of our lives we spend online, and the impact that this is having on our real social lives.



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    Spirituality for the internet age

    As people become disenchanted with institutions, showing a 'human' side is important. The Sunday Assembly, a network of “radically inclusive” secular congregations, is rapidly going global.

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    Soundhalo: redressing the live experience

    The urge to document concerts is often prioritised over the experience itself, affecting the atmosphere for performers and fans alike. Video app Soundhalo offers the best of both worlds.

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    Diesel YUK relaunch: promoting ‘pre-internet’ experiences

    Rebellious fashion brand Diesel is encouraging people to go offline. Is this just controversy, or does it reflect a real and growing disillusionment with online experiences?

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    The new solitude

    New pressures imposed by the social wave of digital innovation are changing attitudes to solitude, which has been largely neglected as a positive lifestyle choice.