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  • Reality TV pushes for real-time authenticity
  • Reality TV pushes for real-time authenticity
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Reality TV pushes for real-time authenticity

Rising Star is a new show set to start in the US on NBC that is attempting to inject life back into the failing reality TV genre. Moving the genre on from forerunners like Pop Idol and X Factor, Rising Star relies on real-time votes from people using a companion app.



  • Article image StarMaker: taking singing seriously

    In America, there are thousands of people – like Girls character Marnie – honing a desire for musical stardom off the back of shows like The Voice and American Idol. Enter StarMaker: the community-based karaoke app turned talent scouting tool.

  • Article image Thigh gaps and funeral snaps: the dark side of the selfie

    Crowned 'word of the year' in 2013, the selfie has come a long way from its origins as a niche social media tag. But are selfies just a bit of narcissistic fun, or is there a darker side?

  • Article image Real emotion: the rise of reality culture

    With social media opening up million of little windows into the lives of others and people growing savvier about what's real and what's not, what does the future of reality culture hold?

  • Article image How second screens are responding to (and shaping) user behaviours

    Second screens are a growing part of the TV experience. But as televisions, remotes and consoles get 'smarter', how will new user behaviours affect the balance between screens?