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  • Swapping home cooking for posh ready meals
  • Swapping home cooking for posh ready meals
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Swapping home cooking for posh ready meals

The overall ready meal market in the UK is in decline, but there’s one sector that’s showing growth: premium ready meals. With people wanting to cook more at home and avoid ready meals due to increased health awareness, do premium ready meals offer the best of both worlds?



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    Meals in a Jar: bridging the gap between quality and convenience

    In an age where time is as valuable as money, many consumers are economising on both. Convenient and healthy, Meals in a Jar demonstrates that quality needn't be sacrificed for speed.

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    EatWith: social dining experiences

    Smart technology can make creating and maintaining meaningful relationships a challenge. EatWith offers an authentic dining experience with the opportunity to form new social bonds.

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    Kitchensurfing: making meals meaningful

    Driven by the belief that food tastes better when you know the story behind it, Kitchensurfing brings talented chefs into homes for up close and personal dining.

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    Picard frozen food: overcoming stigma

    Innovative products, a boutique ambiance and tailored marketing strategy help French brand Picard sell frozen food to a nation of foodies – proving the power of out-of-the-box thinking.