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  • Social media as an effective charity tool
  • Social media as an effective charity tool
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Social media as an effective charity tool

Lying in his hospital bed, terminally ill teenager Stephen Sutton shared a photo on Facebook for his final week. A week later, he is still alive and has raised over £3 million for charity, showing the powerful effect of telling a personal story through social media.



  • Article image The Samaritans: the funnier side of foreign aid

    The Samaritans is a Kenyan-produced mockumentary that satirises Western NGOs and their misguided attempts to provide foreign aid in African countries. But if conventional approaches don't work, could greater contextual awareness be the answer?

  • Article image Give what you're good at: inside Nike's social innovations

    When a catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, Design Innovation Director at Nike Foundation Tom De Blasis knew Nike had to do something – but what?

  • Article image Beautiful and Bald Barbie

    Can you ever remember Barbie facing any serious adversity? Well, in 2013, after a Facebook campaign, Barbie will find out her friend has cancer.

  • Article image Kony 2012: Hollywood charity

    Kony 2012 achieved 100 million views in under one week, becoming the first viral video in history to do so.