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  • Internet no longer a luxury in Africa
  • Internet no longer a luxury in Africa
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Internet no longer a luxury in Africa

The number of internet users in Africa has grown at seven times the global average, growing over 3,600% between 2000 and 2012 to 167 million people. With the internet now reaching more people than ever before, being online is no longer a luxury, but a norm. 



  • Article image The Samaritans: the funnier side of foreign aid

    The Samaritans is a Kenyan-produced mockumentary that satirises Western NGOs and their misguided attempts to provide foreign aid in African countries. But if conventional approaches don't work, could greater contextual awareness be the answer?

  • Article image FreedomPop: the internet as a human right

    According to 'disruptive' new internet service provider FreedomPop, 'the internet is a right, not a privilege'. Can its 'freemium' broadband model challenge the internet's biggest players?

  • Article image Callback in South Africa

    South African communities have embraced Callback. Utilised in an unanticipated way, it signals the mutability of technology culture in emerging markets.

  • Article image Retail in South Africa

    With an increasingly affluent middle-class population and recent admission to the BRICS group of countries, South Africa is emerging as a dynamic retail centre.