People are moving away from their lockdown habits
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Nov 15, 2021
People are moving away from their lockdown habits

A wave of companies whose offerings benefitted from stay-at-home measures has seen sharp falls in their share price. While many lockdown habits, like WFH, may be here to stay, companies that fail to offer a continued sense of ritual in their products are struggling to maintain their relevance.

Despite stocks reaching all-time highs in the first half of 2021, Peloton, whose at-home workouts saw a pandemic-induced boom in sales, has seen over 60 points knocked off its share prices since early January 2021. This lack of interest in at-home working out corresponds to the 75-80% of American fitness club members who returned to their gyms at the start of 2021. Beyond home exercises, there are warnings across sectors. An Aviva survey conducted in September 2021 finds that 10% of Britons are expressing some kind of guilt over their lockdown purchases – based perhaps off lockdown-acquired hobbies – ranging from gaming equipment to musical instruments, and many are looking to get rid of them.