Kitchenware gets an upgrade for easy cooking
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Oct 22, 2021
Kitchenware gets an upgrade for easy cooking

As the world transitions into post-pandemic living, people continue to spend more time at home cooking with their families. As a result, they’re placing a higher value on home appliances, creating scope for innovative kitchenware that’s easy to clean, convenient, and quiet.

A study conducted by Beko has found that 80% of people changed the way they cooked during the pandemic and these behaviours are here to stay. The brand surveyed 5,400 people across nine countries – France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Thailand, UAE, and the UK. As people spend more time inside, they're investing more in home appliances. The study finds people prefer cooking-related appliances that are quiet, easy to clean and to operate, and fit conveniently into their lifestyle.