Americans prioritize safety for the 2021 holiday season
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Oct 14, 2021
Americans prioritize safety for the 2021 holiday season

The Delta variant has pushed many Americans to reconsider travel options for their 2021 Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. People are sticking to pandemic-era habits, including minimizing social gatherings, and brands can help make the festive season both safe and enjoyable.

According to a survey by Destination Analysts, only 68% of Americans say they’re planning a trip – despite November and December traditionally being popular times to travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And even those who do plan to travel are opting for safer options, such as short-term rentals. Indeed, short-term rental reservations for Thanksgiving have increased by 302% compared to 2020 and those for Christmas are up by 469% on 2020. And even though prices are on the up as well, “travel priorities have changed over the past year, and Americans are willing to spend more time and money over the holidays with family and friends after nearly two years of canceled or cautious holiday gatherings,” says Vered Schwarz, Guesty chief operating officer.