Interest in the outdoors sees gorpcore get inclusive
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Oct 8, 2021
Interest in the outdoors sees gorpcore get inclusive

As a growing number of urbanites and minority groups look to explore the great outdoors and express their environmental interest through fashion, 'gorpcore' – a typically male streetwear-meets-outdoor esthetic – is undergoing an inclusive glow-up.

First coined by The Cut in 2017, 'gorpcore' is the convergence of “outdoorsy gear and more quotidian men’s fashion,” says the Wall Street Journal. However, with a 2021 report showing that outdoors lovers are more likely to be younger, female, living in lower-income urban areas, and more ethnically diverse than traditional outdoor advocates, fashion brands are adapting to meet the needs of new demographics looking to blend outdoor and urban wear. Moving the model away from the stereotypical 30-something man, Veilance is creating female-centric clothing while Arc’teryx is channeling a more inclusive androgynous look. And making a behind-the-scenes difference, North Face wants Black, Indigenous, and people of color to account for 25% of its US roles at director level and above by 2030.