Canadian workers prioritise mental health support
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Oct 7, 2021
Canadian workers prioritise mental health support

A survey of Canadian workers shows that companies are failing to provide wellbeing support for employees and are facing a resignation crisis. Recognising the increasing centrality of wellbeing in people’s lives has become a prerequisite in attracting and retaining a motivated workforce.

According to an Ipsos-Mori x Sun Life survey, when it comes to issues that are affecting Canadians negatively, 62% of Canadians point to mental, emotional, and physical fatigue as their biggest concern – what’s more, 37% of Canadian employees feel unsafe starting a conversation about their mental health at work. As a result, around 10% have either left or are seriously considering leaving their job, highlighting the critical but failing role of company leadership in tackling Canada’s growing mental health crisis. Indeed, 69% of Canadians believe that the country is also going through a mental health pandemic.