Ace & Tate seeks to win trust by being eco honest
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Oct 1, 2021
Ace & Tate seeks to win trust by being eco honest

Eyewear brand Ace & Tate has launched a brutally honest sustainability campaign, lamenting its past mistakes. The strategy aims for honesty and transparency on sustainability to gain trust, but could end up leaving the brand just as exposed to accusations of greenwashing as before.

Ace & Tate has adopted a bold and honest sustainability comms strategy, telling its customers ‘Look, we fucked up’. In the post, the brand highlights misguided decisions it made whilst striving to become more sustainable. These include prioritising ‘aesthetics over real impact’, ‘setting an unrealistic carbon goal’, and ‘decreasing CO2 emission, ignoring the rest’. The move is a bid to build more consumer trust through transparency and honesty, and to avoid accusations of ‘greenwashing’. However, Ace & Tate isn’t the first to adopt this approach and likely took inspiration from menswear brand Noah which in 2018 posted ‘we are not a sustainable company’.