Ban on Chinese tutoring eases crunch culture
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Aug 6, 2021
Ban on Chinese tutoring eases crunch culture

China’s decision to restrict its massive tutoring industry is a shot at reinventing the educational system, shedding the notorious pressure students face. As more young Chinese people reject traditional work culture, the government is attempting to align with this ideological shift.

Bringing an end to the private education sector, the Chinese government has banned extra-curricular tuition. The legislation bans companies from making a profit from teaching core school subjects and offering classes on weekends or holidays. While some parents are in favour of reducing their kids' study time, others worry this could create a tutoring black market, increasing financial and education inequality. Private tutors charge between ¥600 and ¥2,000 per hour in Beijing, creating a barrier for lower-income families. “In China, you have a hierarchy where people are always trying to compete to be better than you,” says Dr. Yong Zhao, education professor at the University of Kansas.