China revises child policy to combat low birth rate
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Jun 4, 2021
China revises child policy to combat low birth rate

In an effort to reverse declining birth rates, and support its aging population, China is allowing married couples to have three children. Many observers point to deep societal issues being the root cause of the low birth rate and do not think the policy will have a significant impact.

In a major policy shift, married couples in China will be allowed to have three children, marking an end to the two-child policy introduced in 2016. Vocal critics like Amnesty International point to China’s parental policies as "a violation of sexual and reproductive rights," which it says has little impact. Following decades under the one-child policy, China’s birth rate remains low, with 2020 seeing the lowest recorded births since the 1960s. The birth rate has been dropping more rapidly since the two-child policy was implemented, which makes many sceptical that the new rule will have any impact. China faces a rapidly ageing population, seeing 123.9 million new over-55s by 2031.