Americans get playful with their wine discovery
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Jan 11, 2021
Americans get playful with their wine discovery

Wine has always been a drink to be taken seriously – at least, it used to be. A new breed of US-based subscription wine services is helping to diversify people’s relationships to the beverage, making wine more accessible, experimental, and even playful.

Independent wine clubs across the US have seen sales soar during the pandemic, as stay-at-home orders continue to disrupt established discovery pathways in the food and beverage industry. Small, curated wine subscriptions – like the Leisure Wine Club and Parcelle – have enjoyed significant growth in online sales during lockdown. These wine clubs are disruptive not only because of their niche offerings (some focus exclusively on natural wines, while others are Black- or women-owned) but also because of the playfulness they bring to a traditionally serious category. Parcelle’s wine, for instance, comes with cartoon-illustrated note cards suggesting drinking scenarios for people to enjoy their wine in.