‘Fakeaways’ let home chefs recreate restaurant dishes
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Jun 15, 2020
‘Fakeaways’ let home chefs recreate restaurant dishes

Lockdown might have kept many foodies separated from their favourite dishes – but not for long. Morrisons has launched ‘fakeaway’ boxes that help home chefs recreate popular high-street dishes at home, reconciling the need for convenient cooking with the longing to eat out again.

With high streets still shuttered, many people are missing the restaurant staples they’ve come to love. Morrisons is looking to remedy this with additions to its food box range that give people a convenient way to meet their high-street cravings. The Market Kitchen Takeaway Favorites Box and Street Food Menu Box, retailing at £30 apiece, offer people the dishes they miss at a fraction of the cost. Meals include peri-peri chicken with spicy rice, chicken katsu curry, and pulled beef burritos. “We hope [these will] go some way to satisfying our cravings for some of our favourite takeaways,” says Hannah Munns, head of Market Street at Morrisons.