Gen Yers try retro dating services amid swipe fatigue
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Apr 20, 2018
Gen Yers try retro dating services amid swipe fatigue

While dating apps have been a major disruptor in the ways we find love, Gen Yers in the UK have seemingly grown tired of swiping at a screen. Instead, many are turning back to the old ways, seeking real-life experiences and more spontaneous human interactions as they search for romance.

While research published by Badoo in 2017 found that Gen Yers spent an average of ten hours a week on dating apps, it seems that this matchmaking method has lost its initial appeal. Speaking to Refinery29, journalist and former dating app user Ann explains that “a lot of people on [those platforms] are jaded, resentful and angry.” Consequently, Gen Yers are increasingly trying old-school ways of meeting people, such as going on blind dates, speed-dating, participating in supper clubs, and using matchmaking services. SpeedDater, for example, claims to have introduced more than 306,000 singles at events around the UK.