Instagram hoax draws attention to alcoholism
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Sep 28, 2016
Instagram hoax draws attention to alcoholism

Popular Instagram accounts often show users enjoying glamorous, care-free lifestyles. But there can be a dark side to all those perfectly filtered experiences, as the account of Louise Delage showed. It turned out to be a hoax run by French alcohol awareness charity Addict Aide.

Like many young women’s social media presences, Louise Delage’s Instagram profile was filled with images of the 25-year-old looking healthy and beautiful. It attracted 16,000 followers and 50,000 likes before Addict Aide revealed it was running the account, pointing out that nearly every image showed Louise holding or drinking something alcoholic. The hoax was designed to point out how easy it is to ignore the addiction of someone you're close to. "We all know a Louise Delage," says Michel Reynaud, co-founder of Addict Aide. "The Addict Aide platform offers tools to help all of those who ask themselves questions on their consumption or that of someone close to them."