The smart oven that acts like a chef
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Jun 11, 2015
The smart oven that acts like a chef

The basic design of the kitchen oven hasn't changed much in the past few decades. Convection fans and LED displays have been the extent of innovation. But a tech company called June wants to disrupt the sector with a smart oven that's more of a sous chef than a kitchen appliance.

Created by a team responsible for products including the iPhone, FitBit, GoPro and Lyft, the June Intelligent Oven is the first oven that can identify what's being cooked, its weight and its temperature, using probes to recommend how you can cook it with more precision and efficiency. Additionally, a built-in HD camera gives people an overhead view of what's cooking and streams the live feed to a companion app. The platform can also save recipes for later, generate a shopping list and scale it based on the number of guests.