What’s drawing young people to the cinema?
10 Jul 2024
What’s drawing young people to the cinema?

The cinema industry is transforming with multiplex closures and the rise of gaming among younger generations. Despite these challenges, diverse storytelling by studios like A24, movie-loving influencers, and theatres evolving into experience hubs are revitalising interest among Gen Zers and Yers.

Jackie Brenneman

Jackie Brenneman is a founding partner of The Fithian Group, a global cinema industry consultancy that partners with the creative community, movie-theatre owners, leading research firms and innovators to bring custom, market-ready solutions to the marketplace.

Emma Jamieson

Emma Jamieson is a freelance film and cinema marketing consultant living and working in Edinburgh. She has worked with both exhibition and distribution clients, including French Film Festival UK, Cinetopia, Modern Films, Mustard Studio, CONIC, and IberoDocs.

Maksymilian Fus-Mickiewicz

Maksymilian Fus-Mickiewicz is a strategist who creates powerful, game-changing ideas that challenge the status quo and shape the agenda that other brands follow. Using their expertise in trend forecasting, they discover cultural tensions that help brands like Mercedes-AMG, Rolls-Royce, and Spotify achieve ambitious goals and push culture forward. The Sunday Times, Vogue, and The Guardian have interviewed them as an expert in their field, while their collective TREMORS was featured on DAZED, Canvas8, and FACT magazine as ‘the nightclub of the future’.