What do South Koreans want from their tech?
9 Jul 2024
What do South Koreans want from their tech?

South Koreans seek technology that boosts connectivity, increases workplace efficiency through AI, and provides innovative social and entertainment experiences. Their demands drive significant investments in digital infrastructure, allowing brands to focus on trendsetting and immersive experiences.

YoungMan Kwoun

Kwoun YoungMan is a tech policy researcher and analyst at the Korea Institute of Police Technology. Before this role, he spent nearly five years at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, where he played a key part in the Convergence Tech Division of the Office of R&D Policy under the Ministry of Science and ICT. There, he also contributed to planning and establishing policies for the Division of Information-Convergence Technology at the National Science Foundation. Kwoun holds a degree in Environmental Economics and Policy from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a master's degree in Energy Policy from Korea University. Currently, he is pursuing a doctorate in Public Administration and Policy Studies at Korea University.

Jong-won Choi

Choi Jong-won is a mobile software engineer at Kakao, dedicated to creating a better world with technology and people. He is an alumnus of Sejong University and has been recognised with prestigious awards, including the Prime Minister's Award and the Minister of Science and ICT's Award at the 29th Global SW Contest. His award-winning project involved developing an innovative driving solution for the hearing impaired using a specialised steering wheel cover. Additionally, Choi earned a gold medal in the Sejong-San Jose State University program for helping design a mobile service that allows users to call a server, check the menu, and place orders directly from their mobile devices.

Nicole Cord-Cruz

Nicole is a copywriter and marketer who keeps a finger on the pulse of all things pop culture. She has over half a decade of experience crafting advertisements for various brands and writing for multiple publications, including Mashable, The Daily Beast, Hello Magazine, The Sun, Popular Science, and Inverse.