Why running clubs are the new social hotspots
4 Jul 2024
Why running clubs are the new social hotspots

Offering much more than a regularly scheduled workout, many young people are lacing up their trainers and joining running clubs in an effort to make new friends and even find a romantic partner. What’s fuelled the evolution of these groups from spaces for enthusiasts to social hubs?

Imogen Reay

Imogen Reay is a member of the East London-based running club My Friendly Runners. She is an experienced long-distance runner, having completed marathons in Barcelona, Istanbul, and Amsterdam.

Martin Hurcombe

Martin Hurcombe is a professor of French studies at the University of Bristol. His research explores the history of sport and especially sports writing and journalism, with a focus on road and track cycling and endurance running.

Jumi Akinfenwa

Jumi Akinfenwa is a freelance journalist specialising in music and culture. Her work has been featured in The Guardian, VICE and gal-dem amongst others and in 2020, she was listed as one of MHP’s 30 to Watch and PITCH Magazine's Superpeople.