A new era of Chinese singles is shaping the economy
4 Jul 2024
A new era of Chinese singles is shaping the economy

Many young Chinese singles are focusing on themselves rather than getting married and starting a family. Although a rising singles economy leads to lower birth rates and an ageing population, changing social norms have allowed Chinese youth to explore who they are and their adult life priorities.

Pan Wang

Dr. Pan Wang is an associate professor in Chinese and Asian Studies at the University of New South Wales. Pan's teaching and research areas include Chinese media, gender, marriage and family, and Chinese cultural studies. She is the author of the book Love and Marriage in Globalizing China, and her recent publications include the 2021 journal article Going solo: An analysis of China’s ‘single economy’ through the date-renting industry published in the Asian Studies Review journal.

Justin Sargent

Justin Sargent is an advisory board member of the Toronto-based consulting firm Advantage Group International (AGI). Before he joined AGI, he worked for global market research firm Nielsen for 30 years, holding prominent roles such as President of Nielsen China and President of NielsenIQ Asia-Pacific. He is also the founder of Justin Sargent Advisory, a global consulting, strategy and board advisory for companies and leaders.

Gaby Baizas

Gaby Baizas is a journalist and researcher from the Philippines. She writes about social media, online culture, and false narratives that spread across digital spaces. When she’s not working, she creates false narratives of her own by fantasising about things that will never happen.