Chinese youth are embracing the great outdoors
1 Jul 2024
Chinese youth are embracing the great outdoors

An interest in outdoor recreation that emerged among Chinese people during the pandemic has transformed from a trend to a long-term lifestyle. Why are citizens, especially Gen Y and Z youth, heading outdoors, and how can brands tap into this booming market that is even changing how people dress?

Olivia Plotnick

Olivia Plotnick is an expert in Chinese social media marketing, and a Global Women Asia Fellow (2023-24). Founder of wai social, a social media marketing agency in China, she believes a lot of brands get China wrong, and her team wants to help them get it right. They’re on a mission to help brands understand and tap into one of the largest consumer markets in the world. As social media enthusiasts and keen observers of social and economic factors that affect consumer behaviour, she and her team translate this knowledge into strategy and content to help clients reach, engage, and foster relationships with Chinese consumers, and drive long-term business results.

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas is a sports industry expert and fluent Chinese speaker who has worked at length in the Asia Pacific region with sports rights holders, brands, media, agencies, and major sports facilities across private and public sectors. This unique skill set and leadership experience enables the delivery of best-in-practice strategic, operational, commercial, and investment solutions for clients, resulting in positive evolution by meeting business objectives, ROI, and transformation.

Aki Yang

Aki Yang is a director of corporate services and the Shanghai office head for WildChina, a luxury travel experience company. Under Aki’s leadership, WildChina has launched and grown multiple new products and integrated gamification and travel to embrace changing consumer patterns. Prior to this role, Aki headed Chinese outbound marketing at WildChina. Previously, Aki was with Unilever, specialising in consumer insights, brand marketing, and project management. Driven by a great passion for outdoor experiences, she has travelled to all seven continents.

Kayti Burt

Kayti Burt is a freelance writer with bylines in TIME, Rolling Stone, the LA Times, Teen Vogue, and Vulture. She specialises in the rise of non-English-language culture in the West and globally.