Gen Z Aussies are craving sober nightlife
28 Jun 2024
Gen Z Aussies are craving sober nightlife

Pub culture has long been a part of Australian society, but a new trend in no- and low-alcohol drinking – driven by younger generations – has seen a shift in how Australians are engaging with these community spaces. What can brands learn and expect from this spreading sober culture?

Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence is a co-founder and the CEO of Brunswick Aces, Australia’s first non-alcoholic gin distillers.

Jonathan Barrett

Jonathan Barrett is a senior business reporter at The Guardian where he has focused on how the inflationary period has impacted households and is fuelling a generational wealth divide. Previously, he worked as the deputy bureau chief for Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific at Reuters. He is a past winner of Australia’s National Press Club Award for Excellence in Australian Business Journalism.

Kayti Burt

Kayti Burt is a freelance writer with bylines in TIME, Rolling Stone, the LA Times, Teen Vogue, and Vulture. She specialises in the rise of non-English-language culture in the West and globally.