Why queer raves are dominating Vietnam’s nightlife
27 Jun 2024
Why queer raves are dominating Vietnam’s nightlife

Queer raves are on the rise in Vietnam. A country that once denounced homosexuality is now welcoming a new generation with a drastically different perception towards the LGBTQ+ community. What started this trend? And what does this mean for those wanting to step into the scene?

Kha Le

Kha (Khanh Ha) Le, from Nha Trang, Vietnam, holds a Bachelor of Arts from Fulbright University Vietnam. As a non-binary transgender individual, Kha is deeply involved in the themes of civic engagement and education, focusing on gender diversity, equity, and inclusivity in higher education within Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Their expertise in human rights advocacy, gender equity, and inclusivity is complemented by their work in sustainability, plastic circularity, and the circular economy. A YSEALI Fellowship alumnus and CIMB ASEAN scholarship recipient, Kha is also a Youth Leader in the US-Vietnam Leadership Cohort sponsored by the United States Institute of Peace. Beyond their advocacy and research, Kha is a poet exploring themes of alienation, estrangement, and loss, adding a unique dimension to their advocacy and academic pursuits.

Son Le

Son Le is a professional advisor regarding responding to conflicts and violence with a social justice and feminist lens. He currently works for RMIT University Vietnam as its safer community advisor, in charge of leading the university’s initial support point for harassment and assault disclosures, including unwelcome verbal, physical or virtual behaviour that is based on race, colour, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, nationality, age, physical or mental disability, or genetic information. He holds a Master of Arts in Women's Studies from Flinders University, South Australia, and a Bachelor of Public Health in Health Promotion. His research interests and professional advocacy are led by intersectionality feminism, reproductive justice thinking, and critical development theories. Son is also an abortion rights advocate.

Linh Tran Hanh Pham

Linh Tran Hanh Pham is a freelance writer who enjoys wearing multiple hats in her work life. She hopes to utilise her interdisciplinary knowledge to create unique and thought-provoking pieces about the world around her.