Why are Aussies growing their own food?
26 Jun 2024
Why are Aussies growing their own food?

‘Go organic, go local’ is on the minds of Aussies as country folk and city slickers have embraced urban farming, transforming their backyards into productive gardens. Can urbanising agriculture offer a sustainable solution as global populations rise and natural disasters shadow like a dark cloud?

Christopher Fullon

Chris is a sustainable development expert in Brisbane. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Architecture from the University of Newcastle in 2016. During his studies he put heavy focus into open course work provided by the universities, UNITAR/CIFAL, a specialised school focused on disaster and risk mitigation and recovery. Throughout his career, he has worked in the building sector, starting with work in insurance claims management and graduating toward a career focused on sustainable development, where he led professional education programs and sustainability standards for the hospitality and tourism industry. As part of his mission to grow sustainable cities, he now focuses his efforts on his start-up, Australian Urban Growers, which is an enterprise dedicated to accelerating the growth of the vertical farming sector through innovative approaches to education for the sector and by developing scalable farming solutions.

Morag Gamble

Morag Gamble is an award-winning global permaculture educator, avid permaculture gardener, and founder of the Permaculture Education Institute, which teaches permaculture teachers and designers around the world.

Taj Scicluna

Taj Scicluna is an artist who fuses together her love of herbalism, foraging, writing, cooking, ecosystem health, personal health and education into a cohesive offering. Her business, Botanical Education, is a platform for creativity, a place to weave the romantic wonder of the botanical into something tangible to share with the world. She aims to co-collaborate in repairing the rupture we have created in our experience of being ‘civilised,’ of using language to keep us separate, believing that healing is done in this process of being in a relationship with the botanical rather than treating it as a resource. Healing is within the process, not the product. To carry out this purpose, Taj lives a lifestyle dedicated to her values and educates via workshops, courses, mentorship, patreon and client consults.

Sarah Wei

Sarah Wei is a journalist and producer based in Melbourne and Hong Kong, with a focus on the travel, lifestyle, and arts and culture sectors. She has produced over 35 talks and workshops with 120 speakers, three large-scale 5-day events, over 20 community events,  one VR/AR exhibition, and more than 150 published features and stories across the region.