Why there’s a swell of middle-aged surfers in Australia
24 Jun 2024
Why there’s a swell of middle-aged surfers in Australia

Australia's surf scene is evolving, with older Gen Yers and Gen Xers riding the waves at higher rates than young people. From surf parks to mental health initiatives, the sport is becoming more accessible and diverse, reflecting broader societal trends in fitness and lifestyle.

Craig Sims

Craig Sims is an assistant professor and deputy convenor of collaboration for global change at Bond University and a former professional surfer. He’s also the author of the study ‘Old men of the sea’, about the ageing demographic of active surfers.

James Furness

James Furness is an assistant professor of physiotherapy at Bond University with a background in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and research in water-based sports.

Philip Ward

Philip Ward is a professor of psychology and mental health at the University of New South Wales. He’s also a board member of the Waves of Wellness Foundation.

Annie Hariharan

Annie Hariharan is a feature writer and former business consultant based in Melbourne, Australia.