I'm platinum gold!? The science of loyalty programs
21 Jun 2024
I'm platinum gold!? The science of loyalty programs

As the cost of living crisis increases brand switching, brands are seeking ways to boost customer loyalty through initiatives like loyalty programs. Canvas8 spoke to Francois A. Carrillat to understand whether loyalty programs actually work and what kinds are the most effective.

Francois A. Carrilat

Francois A. Carrilat is a professor of marketing at Griffith University. A native of France, his work focuses on the intersection between consumer behaviour, branding and advertising. He’s also an expert in meta-analysis methodology and serves as the current regional editor for the Americas of The European Journal of Marketing. Carrilat’s love and expertise for branding and advertising has also led him to sit on the editorial review boards for seven other journals, including the Journal of Advertising and Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

Briony Lewis

Briony is a Senior Behavioural Analyst at Canvas8. With a degree in Professional Communication and several years spent in advertising and consumer research, she understands the importance of decoding audience behaviour and the impacts for brands. She has a love for storytelling with data and cultural insights. Outside of work you can find her spending too much money on books, dining out, and the latest gym class craze.