Why are young Americans favoring lighter wine styles?
20 Jun 2024
Why are young Americans favoring lighter wine styles?

The lighter wine styles like white and rosé are gaining increasing appeal among American consumers. At a time when the wine sector is facing challenges in maintaining market share, this trend could serve as a lifeline for producers and brands. How can they effectively capitalize on this opportunity?

Lori Budd

Lori Budd is the owner of Dracaena Wines, a Paso Robles-based winery renowned for its diverse interpretations of the cabernet franc grape.

Mario Perez JD

Mario Perez JD is the CEO of beverage distributor House of Wine, Beer, and Spirits in Palm Beach, Florida.

Sarah Trubnick

Sarah Trubnick is the wine director and co-founder of The Barrel Room restaurant. She is renowned for her award-winning wine lists, recognized by World of Fine Wine, Sommeliers Choice Awards, and Wine Spectator.

Jacopo Mazzeo

Dr. Jacopo Mazzeo is a freelance wine and drinks journalist and consultant.
He regularly contributes to leading trade and consumer publications including Wine Enthusiast, Whisky Magazine, Decanter, Meininger, Club Oenologique, Harper's, Pix Wine, and Good Beer Hunting. He consults on consumer trends and marketing strategy and offers copywriting services to drinks firms and agencies. Jacopo is a former sommelier, he judges international wine, beer, and spirits competitions, and sat twice on the board of directors of the British Guild of Beer Writers. Before he embraced full-time journalism, he studied musicology at the University of Bologna and took a PhD at the University of Southampton.