Trouble in store: Aussies are tired of the supermarket duopoly
19 Jun 2024
Trouble in store: Aussies are tired of the supermarket duopoly

In Australia, two supermarket chains dominate the industry – Coles and Woolworths. They’ve been authorities for years, influencing products, pricing, and tech. This duopoly has impacted smaller retailers, many of whom struggle to compete, and has caused a shift in the shopping mindsets of Aussies.

Edwina Luck

Edwina has been an academic within the School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations at Queensland University of Technology’s (QUT) Business School for over 20 years. Her research specialist areas include consumer behaviour, sport, integrated marketing communications, social networks, not-for-profit, and Generation Y, and she is published in these areas. Her opinion is sought after in local and State media. Edwina has been an authority on panels and has been a keynote speaker at conferences speaking on social media and influencer marketing. She has won two QUT Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Teaching. She is the lead author of Integrated Marketing Communications, now in its 6th edition, and has written book chapters for business start-ups regarding branding and marketing.

Brian Walker

Brian Walker is the founder and CEO of Retail Doctor Group®, specialising in retail strategy development and transformation across Australasia and Asia. With senior management experience at The Athlete's Foot, Optus, Angus & Coote, Westfield, KFC, and Woolworths, Brian has led successful omnichannel retail projects for prominent brands, including Optus and Global Brands Group. He is a highly sought-after speaker and media commentator on retail and consumer behaviour, frequently appearing on major news outlets. Brian has received numerous accolades, including the International Retail Leadership Award and Vend’s Top 50 Retail Influencers.

Moira Christiana H. Luga

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