What do US Boomers want from their snacks?
17 Jun 2024
What do US Boomers want from their snacks?

Boomers are looking for on-the-go, nutrient-dense, tasty snacks that fit into their hectic lifestyles without compromising their health. They’re also looking for nostalgic flavors that hint at a more permissive era of snacking. Can brands help Boomers to have their cake – and eat it too?

Katherine Koefed

Katherine Koefed is an M.S. nutritionist and health coach focusing on sustainable weight loss, energy & confidence.

Vanessa Rissetto

Vanessa Rissetto is a registered dietitian and the CEO and co-founder of Culina Health, a revolutionary clinical nutrition care company that was founded in 2020.

Andres Zambrano Bravo

Andres Zambrano Bravo is a Berlin-based freelance journalist who loves to ask why. He loves puzzles and seeks answers to social phenomena and trends, helping researchers, companies, and artists to also find their voice along the way. When not annoying people with questions, you can find him spinning records in one of Berlin’s smoky venues.