Why Thailand is championing Girls’ Love series
14 Jun 2024
Why Thailand is championing Girls’ Love series

As sex-positive TV becomes more popular, a new sub-genre is resonating with a growing number of queer Thai women seeking more authentic representation and normalisation of queerness in media. Girls’ Love shows explore the relationship between two women, making a case for queer-based Asian cinema.

Daranee Thongsiri

Daranee Thongsiri is a non-binary, queer feminist activist from Thailand. The co-founder of Feminista, a feminist organisation, she’s also studying for a PhD in Taiwan and transcultural studies at the National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan. Her dissertation explores the influence of LGBT cinema in Thailand and Taiwan, and analyses its impact on the same-sex marriage movement.

Kelly Long

A recent Yale graduate, Kelly Long has a passion for Southeast Asian cinema inspired by a childhood watching Vietnamese films. In particular, she’s interested in the queer media cultures of Vietnam and Thailand.

Ahaana Khosla

Ahaana Khosla is a trend forecaster, cultural strategist, writer, and editor with a background in fashion and lifestyle journalism. She writes about changing consumer behaviors, emerging trends, and social signals and has worked and consulted with a range of start-ups, magazines, and global fashion and lifestyle brands. She has written for titles such as Vogue India and Harper’s Bazaar.