How Chinese Gen Zers use fragrances as wellness escapism
14 Jun 2024
How Chinese Gen Zers use fragrances as wellness escapism

People are surviving with what they can afford, and what they can afford is often disposable. Consciously or not, this leads to a demand for alternative wellness as a coping mechanism. In China, young people are using fragrance to combat how economic woes make them feel – and the nicher, the better.

Sofia Yi Shang

Sofia Yi Shang is an editor, writer, and translator (English-Chinese) for Fragrantica. Her interest in fragrance began at a young age when she became curious about her mum's perfume while growing up in China. Now residing in Australia, she enjoys the lively art, cultural scenes, and beautiful beaches. The discovery of Fragrantica has led her on an olfactive journey as she discovers what both the Oriental and the Western worlds can offer.

Lygia (aka Gia)

Lygia (aka Gia) is the founder and perfumer of Indonesian fragrance house Être Parfums. Her extensive knowledge and background in perfumery started in 2014 with a two-year training at ISIPCA. Also writing under the blog The Sensory Club, Gia is based in Jakarta and Paris.

Felicia Melody

Melody is a writer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. With a background in international relations and media, Melody mostly writes about lifestyle, culture, and human interest. Some might say she’s all over the place, but really she’s just everywhere. Their pieces have covered anything from F&B, fashion, beauty, nightlife, and others; you can find her work on Vice and The Jakarta Post.