How Gen Z and Y men are approaching scent in 2024
13 Jun 2024
How Gen Z and Y men are approaching scent in 2024

The beauty market is growing more diverse with the rise of gender-neutral products, subsequently changing how Gen Z and Y men perceive and purchase a range of cosmetics. How is this shift impacting the ways they collect and use fragrances specifically? And what kinds of scents attract them?

Josh Carter

Josh Carter is a director of UK distributor SG Brands as well as a co-founder of Fiole, an online platform for artisan fragrance brands. Along with his business partner, Samuel Gearing, he is a regular commentator on the fragrance industry.

TJ Talks Scents

TJ creates TikTok content around fragrances to an audience of over 160,000 followers. He has interviewed public figures such as AJ Tracey and has collaborated with brands including Guerlain, Lynx, Montale, and Mancera.

Alice Porter

Alice Porter is a London-based freelance writer and journalist who writes for publications including Stylist, Refinery29, VICE, and Dazed.