How Chinese Gen Zers use fashion to express their emotions
13 Jun 2024
How Chinese Gen Zers use fashion to express their emotions

Fashion trends are evolving among Chinese Gen Zers, who are reacting to changes in the economy and society. Showing their emotions through colour-centric trends like Dopamine and Tyndall illustrates how fashion is being used as a tool for self-expression and protest.

Olivia Plotnick

Olivia Plotnick is an expert in Chinese social media marketing, and a Global Women Asia Fellow (2023-24). Founder of wai social, a social media marketing agency in China, she believes a lot of brands get China wrong, and her team wants to help them get it right. They’re on a mission to help brands understand and tap into one of the largest consumer markets in the world. As social media enthusiasts and keen observers of social and economic factors that affect consumer behaviour, she and her team translate this knowledge into strategy and content to help clients reach, engage, and foster relationships with Chinese consumers, and drive long-term business results.

Antonello Germano

Antonello Germano is marketing manager for Daxue Consulting, a China-focused market research firm offering cross-border strategy consulting, headquartered in Shanghai.

Grace Mou

Grace Mou (Yu Mou) is a highly creative marketing evangelist with more than 15 years of professional experience in China and Asia, serving international brands worldwide. At present, she is a trendspotter, forecaster, and brand strategist focusing on premium and luxury brands for lifestyle, culture, technology, sustainability, etc.

She started as an English teacher but has moved on to interdisciplinary areas, editing and translating architecture monographs and serving patrons in a vegetarian bistro while working in international marketing agencies, serving local and international brands on insights, design, and strategy. She is now based in Shanghai, China.

In her words, “My past years of ‘mass’ mutation have empowered me to see clarity in complexity with a savvy sense of culture and trends, expanding my horizon and deepening my thinking to help brands defy the odds in this ever-changing business world.”