Who are the new American teaheads?
16 May 2024
Who are the new American teaheads?

Evolving tea traditions, modern experiences, and a cultural shift have ushered in a new era on the American tea scene. As people explore rituals that blend Eastern heritage with Western vibes and influencers elevate tea to a lifestyle choice, a community of tea connoisseurs is being nurtured.

Kristin McCoy-Ward

Bubble Tea Kristin is a bubble tea expert and consultant who guides and mentors new businesses in the field. She founded one of the first award-winning boba shops in the UK and has mentored clients all over world, from small mom-and-pop shops to large chain businesses. Always on the cutting edge of boba drinks, flavours, types, and styles, Kristin is even able to create bespoke best-selling recipes and full new menus. On her YouTube channel, Bubble Tea Kristin, she shares advice and recipes free of charge, currently with over 14,000 subscribers and growing.

J’Nae Phillips

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