What does dating look like in South Korea today?
9 May 2024
What does dating look like in South Korea today?

South Koreans are struggling to balance age-old beliefs and values as new ones emerge due to technological advancements and the material demands of a modern capitalist society. How is this affecting their dating lives, and what can brands do to align themselves with these new shifts in values?

Seung-chul Yoo

Dr Seung-chul Yoo, a professor at Ewha Womans University, is a distinguished expert in Consumer Psychology within the realm of cultural consumption societies. His expertise, primarily focusing on Media Engineering and Strategic Communication, bridges the gap between academia and the dynamic world of digital marketing. Dr Yoo’s career is marked by influential roles at leading firms like Cheil Worldwide and W Brand Connection, alongside impactful academic contributions at Loyola University Chicago. His research delves into the innovative use of emerging media technologies to understand and influence consumer behavior in cultural contexts. Dr Yoo’s work, particularly in persuasion design, offers fresh insights into consumer engagement strategies. Collaborations with industry giants such as CJ Media, KT, and Samsung Electronics underscore his role in pioneering effective marketing communications, making his insights invaluable for those interested in the psychological dynamics of media and consumer interaction.

Tala Wong

Tala Wong is a PhD student at Ewha Womans University. Her research interests include girlhood history, video game studies, and drag culture in the Philippines.

Gaby Gloria

Gaby Gloria is a writer and editor from the Philippines with a deep interest in Asian pop culture. You can find some of her work in CNN Philippines Life, VICE Asia, and Teen Vogue.