29 Sep 2023
Nudge and budge! The science of app architecture

In a digital world where visible and covert influences are omnipresent, are our choices really ours? How do various factors sway our decisions? Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Crystal Reeck to find out how brands leverage choice architecture interventions to impact app adoption and people’s online behaviours.

Dr. Crystal Reeck is an award-winning tenured associate professor at the Fox School of Business, where she also serves as the associate director of the Center for Applied Research in Decision Making. Delving into understanding consumer behaviour through the use of diverse methods such as eye-tracking and MRI, her research spans topics like emotion regulation and choice architecture interventions.

Andrea is an Insights Director at Canvas8, APAC. With a lineage in market research and Masters degree in Asian cultural history, Andrea has been working with global brands for more than a decade to unlock Asia. She enjoys helping brands address challenges and find the value of insight by unearthing people’s stories and truths. While research is her destiny, classical music, photography and culinary arts are also her deep loves, and sometimes, you can also find her catching a boxing match.