29 Sep 2023
How has hybrid work changed Australian office culture?

Hybrid work has become extremely popular in Australia since the lockdown phase of the pandemic, and with it comes a host of challenges and opportunities for businesses. Two experts take us through the potential pitfalls and data-driven ways to make the most of hybrid work and retain employees.

Marie Wilson has studied and worked across the globe and has been a senior manager in strategy and HRM for seven public companies, including one of the world’s largest IT firms. Professor Wilson is currently focusing on the Future Workplace Project, an examination of the impact of where, when, and how we work on performance and productivity.

Sue Solly is the industry lead for workplace innovations at the Centre for the New Workforce, based at Swinburne University. The centre investigates how to empower people and organisations as digital technologies transform work.

Alice Clarke is an award-winning journalist, producer, presenter, and script writer from Melbourne, Australia. She specialises in games, technology, TV, music, opinion, and general pop culture.