30 Aug 2023
How 'girl dinner' began to boom on TikTok

‘Girl dinner’ has emerged as one of the most impactful TikTok eating trends, as people seek authenticity online and ditch rigid expectations of what mealtime should be. What does the success of ‘girl dinner’ say about our eating and social media habits and how can brands tap into this consumer base?

Laura Ligos is a registered dietitian who resides in Albany, New York. She believes in a food-first approach and focuses on optimising the health and wellness of active women. She started her own private practice and brand, The Sassy Dietitian, to help those looking to improve their relationship with food and optimise their overall health without restrictive diets.

Melissa Mitri is a registered dietitian-nutritionist, weight-loss expert, and content writer for health and wellness brands. In her virtual private practice, she specialises in helping women lose weight in a sustainable way. Through her writing, she helps create content that is engaging, evidence-based, and drives consumers to take action to improve their health.

Meehika Barua is a freelance journalist writing for Vogue magazine, The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, Business Insider, Grazia, The Washington Post, Elle, Al Jazeera, Harper’s Bazaar, among other publications. She covers culture, lifestyle, and social issues, sometimes through the occasional lens of tech and human rights.