8 Aug 2023
How hard seltzers are coming in hot for young Indians

After sweeping across the United States, hard seltzers are vying for popularity among India’s massive youth population. This shift comes as younger health-conscious generations search for less intense alcohol that also appeals to their palettes.

Anish Reddy is the CEO and founder of Pursue, a globally concocted hard seltzer brand with high focus on quality, design, and individualism. A fourth-generation entrepreneur, Reddy’s family has been in the alcohol business for over 40 years. Food & drink have always been the cornerstones of his family, dating from the supply of canned fruits to the British Indian Army to now operating alcobev distilleries across South India and Goa.

Sahiba Sawhney is the senior brand manager for Wild Drum Beverages, one of the first seltzer brands to hit the Indian market. Her role primarily involves growing the subculture division for the seltzer brand and strategically positioning it in all the right on-ground events. Two decades of being a performance curator and artist makes her insight into the subculture of dance, music, and arts unique and current.

Karina Aggarwal is a certified alcobev professional and director of beverage consultancy Gigglewater Beverage Concepts. She judges at various international wine, beer, and spirit competitions. She has previously overseen the launch and operated as vice president at India Craft Spirit Co, a boutique craft distillery in India.

Dhvani Solani is an independent writer, editor, and brand strategist who keeps one eye on the culture developments and changing behaviors unfolding in urban India and another eye on her puppy. Her essays, profiles, and trend forecasts have appeared in VICE, GQ, Grazia, Harper's Bazaar, and Hindustan Times. She is the co-author of Run! (Hachette India) and also helps develop branding, identity, and strategy for clients in the fashion, interiors, food and beverage, and new tech space.