7 Aug 2023
Friendship is getting a post-pandemic revamp among Gen Z

Gen Zers’ friendships really took a hit during the pandemic, resulting in periods of isolation that have filtered through to the post-pandemic era. Brands have an opportunity to help them navigate connections in new ways through strategies that feel natural and authentic.

Gregg Witt is a senior marketing strategist, youth, and creator specialist, best-selling author of The Gen Z Frequency (2018) and youth brand builder with over 25 years of experience. He helps co-create relevant brands, products, campaigns, and experiences that impact change, drive business growth, and resonate with young people and niche audiences.

Rayyan Ahmed is the CEO of Rayze Consulting, a Gen Z consulting company that helps brands better understand, engage, and market to Gen Z. Rayze has helped many companies, including some Fortune 500s, better incorporate Gen Z into their business.

Lara Piras is a copywriter, researcher, and brand strategist. Considered a youth culture expert, her vast industry knowledge comes from working with some of the industry’s best, including MTV, WGSN, Vogue UK, and Vogue US.