1 Aug 2023
How grassroots efforts are helping Aussie esports grow

Australian esports has changed drastically over the last five years. While major teams have declared bankruptcy, dozens of smaller, community-level events have sprung up around the country. Is this a short-lived recovery or a sign that the scene is transforming but becoming stronger than ever?

Daniel Chlebowczyk is Australia’s first professional esports fighting game player and is a marketer in the games industry. As managing director at Events Engine, he has worked with Xbox, Epic Games, ESL, and Blizzard Entertainment, among others. He also runs Couch Warriors, which organises competitions for fighting games to help build the esports community in Australia.

Kitty Crea is the content and community manager for PAX Australia, one of the largest video game conventions in the region.

Alice Clarke is an award-winning journalist, producer, presenter, and script writer from Melbourne, Australia. She specialises in games, technology, TV, music, opinion, and general pop culture.