26 Jun 2023
What’s next for the period positivity movement?

Picking up steam in the early 2010s, the period positivity movement saw women fight to destigmatize menstruation. But with period inequity still rampant in the US and trust damaged in some progressive menstrual start-ups, where should the movement go next? And how can femtech brands learn from this?

Chella Quint is a designer, writer, educator, and performer who coined the phrase ‘period positive’ in 2006 and founded the hashtag #periodpositive.

Lynette Medley is the founder and CEO of No More Secrets MBS Inc., a grassroots sexuality and menstrual health awareness organisation based in Philadelphia.

Oriana Kraft founded the FemTechnology Summit, an event bringing together innovators in global women’s health.

Cinestie Olson is a communications manager at Sunny, a menstrual cup start-up based in the US.

Moya Crockett is a writer, journalist, and editor based in London. A former women’s editor, she’s particularly interested in the cultural, social, and political forces that shape people’s lives.