7 Jun 2023
What’s behind India’s luxury boom?

The world’s fastest-growing economy is opening up to global luxury brands that are setting up shop in unique ways to attract customers. As such, Indians are rediscovering high-end labels and engaging with them on their own terms. But why is exactly the appeal of luxury brands growing in the country?

Amita Lisa is a buying and merchandising professional for a retail company that partners with various brands both local and global, driven by an avid interest in the crosscurrents of sociology, psychology, and fashion.

Aneri Joshi trained in fine arts and design, going on to get her masters in luxury management. She has worked in sales and teaching ever since.

Pari Bajoria is a trend forecaster, cultural strategist, editor, and writer with a background in fashion and lifestyle, using her skills to analyse global markets and changing human behaviours through cultural research. She's passionate about helping businesses stay ahead of the curve by analysing key trends and translating them into actionable insights. She believes that understanding the cultural forces that are shaping the world and using trends to foster positive changes is of utmost importance.